Psychic Medium
Rebecca Anne
$20.00 One Quick Question ~ Psychic Reading

This offer is for the month of February 2018 ONLY

is offer is entertaining, divine & profound!  
Receive channeled intuitive detailed impressions directly for your question,
answered with bold truth and direction to bring clarity, answer curiosities, find
direction and more.  Ask any question you feel aligned to your higher good!
Have fun! is where you will have to make an account to pay for these options
for an email reading from Rebecca Anne LoCicero.  
Email readings could take up to 14 days or more to answer.
I answer the emails in the order I recieve them, and every one I do is done when I am focused and have enough time to
put my full impressions down.  I care about each reading I do.
One Quick Question Email Psychic Reading Instructions.
Go to paypal via the link provided on right side of this information.
Pay for your $20.00 psychic question
Email me at
subject : email reading
body of email : ask your question in 3 sentences.  
Be as specific as you want to be, I will intuitively respond with all I get for you!  
paypal payment must be made before you email your question.
Additional Information and Instructions.

Rebecca Anne LoCicero has been working as a Psychic Medium for 23 years.  Her intuition comes naturally and with deep compassion.
To learn more about Rebecca visit her Official Website at

Please note I will only answer one quick email reading question per purchase.
If you want to ask a second question, you will have to purchase a second reading and send in a separate email.
Please send your email reading question from the same email as your payment.

What information do you need from me?

I only need your first name, and your 3 sentence question.  I do not need birth date, names etc..  I write my immediate impressions within
the 3 sentences you send me in bold print.  The flow of my answers coincide with the energy you provide within your words to me.
Please be AS SPECIFIC as you want to be within your 3 questions.  Be careful not to ask a second question on a new topic,
Focus on putting your truth in energy into the intentions of your one question.

Can I ask to hear from loved ones in Heaven?
YES, you can if that is what you would like.
You are asking if you can have a quick 'mediumship' reading if what your looking for is a hello from someone who has passed.
A psychic reading is not mediumship.
*psychic is information comes from the connection to your energy,
*mediumship is the connection to spirit with messages from them.
Without instant verification that the information I am receiving is understood it may be just a limited amount of information for
verification.  I always suggest a Full Session via phone or in person for a Mediumship Session.

Can I ask a question about health?
NO, I ask that you do not ask about your health in an email reading.  
I do not receive information about your medical conditions or the physical ailments of the body.  
I do offer Energy Healing (Reiki) sessions in Vernon, CT in my office. If you have questions and want to discover what a healing may
answer about your health, I channel that only during an Energy Healing session. I do not predict death of any kind.


Self Help suggestions, career, relationships, metaphysical inquiries, dreams, family, friends, moving, decisions,
future curiosities with dates, education, validation of your own intuition,
and anything else you can think of.

The Beyond Center
Vernon CT